Why Good Design Matters To Your Nonprofit Organization

Many Nonprofits see design as a cost, not an investment, which affects the level of attention given that design receives as many change makers begin to build their movements and impact lives.

Design affects nearly every level of your nonprofit organization, from recruiting to community engagements, fundraising to supporter engagement to PR. Every time stakeholders interact with your organization. They interact with your design by visiting your website, seeing your branded T-shirt, receiving postcards, browsing social media, or attending events. This makes design one of the essential ingredients in creating an image for your nonprofit. It’s no coincidence that some of the most prominent nonprofits have great design and brand outlooks.

1). Good design builds trust – When your nonprofit uses professionally designed materials for its marketing, it presents itself as credible—good designs open doors. You will likely not trust a bank with poor design communications with your money. The same applies to nonprofits.

2). Good design builds help recruitment – Research has shown that companies with great designs across their channels attract talents. People want to work with such companies. This also applies to recruiting volunteers and other personnel that are crucial to the success of your nonprofit. People working with your organization are more proud to identify with you when your brand is appropriately presented using good design.

3). Good design helps fundraising and donation – Look at every well-funded nonprofit organization you know; most have a well-designed brand and use professionally designed content across all communication channels—good designs open doors. Making use of good visuals and collaterals helps your fundraising activities. Good design wins hearts, and when you win the heart of your audiences, they find it super easy to donate to your cause. If your organization is going to be applying for grants and donations, the quality of your slides and presentations is essential.

4). Good design helps tell your story better – How you tell the stories of the impact your organization is making matters. From videos, blogs, social media, email marketing, website, etc., good design helps tell your story better.

In conclusion, good design gives nonprofit organizations an unparalleled advantage to create an impact and excel in their mission.

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